Monthly Archive: October 2011

The Stellar Diva Ring Light: An Affordable 18” Circular Catch Light

Stellar Ring Light 004f

By Kevin Bradley I’ve filmed a lot of faces and headshots.  I would consider it one of my go-to skills.  After thousands of headshots, I’ve found If you don’t mix-it-up, it tends to get boring… A catch light (or eye light) is used to draw attention to your talents’ eyes. In virtually every lighting situation …

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Matthews Road Rags & Road Flags: Venerable Swiss Army Knives for Soft Lighting

Kevin Bradley_AF100_Lit with Road Flags small5

By Kevin Bradley There’s that famous saying: “If the hard light is your friend, the soft light is your lover” and it’s true in a sense, although I would add one caveat to it, a soft source fixture is just that, soft! A soft light cannot become a point source light, so I would consider …

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Atomos Connect Converters: HD-SDI for the Ninja is here!


By Kevin Bradley Before Atomos jumped into the uncompressed recorder market with the Ninja, there were only two portable products readily available in the market that could get RAW material out of your camera; the Convergent Design NanoFlash (nanoFlash | Convergent Design) and AJA’s Ki Pro Mini (Ki Pro Mini – AJA Video Systems). I’ve …

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